You’ll never see your friends the same way again!

Find out MORE about your friends in 45 min than you did in your whole life and have a blast AT THE SAME TIME!

WARNING! You may find your next bromance!

Coupling, the Game - best party game

How it works?

Party Board Game | 2-6+ Players | 45 min | Ages 16+*

*21+ if played with DRINKLING expansion

Unlock ALL levels of your friendSHIPS!

Couple up with DIFFERENT PLAYERS EACH game and
compete together through 10 MINI-GAMES!

Rectangle 1668 (2)

level 1

Discover your friends' creativity and humor ✨

and couple up with 2 players!

100 combinations of silly, funny, and clever questions that you've never asked before!

level 2

Discover surprising telepathic connections 👽

and find your best match!

200+ challenges: Charades + sounds, Lip-reading, Recipes of the dishes, Drawing things using only geometrical shapes and lines.

Rectangle 1668 (3)
Rectangle 1669 (1)

level 3

Discover the weirdest, funniest, and true connections with your match 👑

and conquer the Coupling throne together!

150+ questions: Real-life questions, Icebreaker questions, Multiple-choice situations, Psychological pictures, Drawing things and associations.

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COUPLING, the Game

Hear it from our

Socializing that even introverts will enjoy!

Teja Rajšp

After a game, I realized my partner is not a fan of crocodiles, so we bought a dog instead.


Before, I had friends. Now, I have friends AND blackmail material!

Blackmailer Dan

What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

Add DRINKLING, a drinking expansion, into the mix and you’ll get the best bonding experience you’ve ever had playing any game! Quite a promise, huh?*

*It might even help you undress your friends' most thrilling secrets!🧦👙🩲

What's in the box?

🃏 120 COUPLING cards
🍻 30 DRINKLING cards
🚀 Over 500 questions, challenges, and ice breakers
🖋 6 Dry-Erase markers
📄 6 Dry-Erase papers
🧩 6 Puzzle figures
👩 6 Name tags
🟥 1 Playboard
🎲 1 Rolling dice
✅ Rules (EN) - also video rules
💥 ORIGINAL never-before-seen mechanics
🥰 Our love, gratitude and 5 years of work
🐊 A crocodile

Our promise:

After Coupling, you'll feel closer than ever AND see your friends like never before!

A big crocodile hug and thank you!

If you want to know more, check out our FAQ:

So it’s a card game?

While Coupling does involve cards, it’s actually a “full blooded board game” with totally original mechanics that needs also other parts of board presence. That’s why we call it a “party board game”. It also includes player meeples (puzzles), gameboard, dice and much more. To say it differently: Coupling, the Game is a party board game (and not "just" a card game). 🙂

BUT! As we also love just card games we also included much easier version to play Coupling, the Game and if you choose to play it that way, you can take Coupling, the Game as *only* a Card game. But you’ll be missing a lot of Coupling that way! 🙂 We warned you! 🙂

Why did you even bother making another party game?

We came up with the idea for Coupling while playing Party games (such as Activity, Cards Against Humanity, Drinkopoly, etc.). 

We were constantly running into the same issues – either an argument broke out between teammates, or we just played the game all evening and ended up feeling kind of empty, often going home without having genuinely talked and not really connecting with each other.

While we were entertained, we were missing the most important aspects of meaningful socializing: interesting conversations, getting to know your teammates (in a deeper way), and ultimately genuine, positive entertainment (you know, the kind that makes you forget your troubles and just enjoy the moment). 

So, we set out to make a game that includes all of that. A board game that can help us find our inner joy again and remind us of what really matters to us in this world. A board game that can guide us in connecting with the people around us. A board game that can help us put aside our differences and see that under all our conflicts, ideas and beliefs that we hold onto so firmly, we’re all the same, and that every single one of us has the strength to make the world just a little bit better.

Can I buy two copies of the game?

Why not buy three? A good birthday gift stash can save you a lot of stress in those “Oh crap, I forgot it’s X’s birthday tomorrow!” moments. Here, why don’t you use this coupon and buy a bundle of Couplings with a discount!

Why is this game different from other party games?

Play Coupling, and you’ll get to know the side of your friends you never even knew existed! Or, you know, just find out what their guilty pleasure music choice was in high school. Either way, you’ll be able to laugh, bond and compete with each other, all in the course of one game! 

We tried to make Coupling more of a personal experience with deep talks that lots of other party games avoid while keeping all the fun parts of them. Why should deep talk be depressing and tame when it can be exciting and fun? 

Why is the game not out yet?

We're currently in the process of setting up our Kickstarter campaign to enable us to finally kickstart the production of our game. The process of creating a new company, first production process, first logistics, community, and oh so many other stuff is extremely complicated and long. 

Not to mention our partners, families, children, studies, opera productions and our full time jobs.

Though it might seem to you that it’s taking ages… It actually DOES take ages! 😀 BUT as we’ve waited the last 7 years to make this game come true, to us 1 month feels like tomorrow! 🙂 

IN JUNE 2022 Coupling will be out for you to buy! And when that happens, we’ll let you know immediately and we’ll be forever grateful. THIS REALLY IS OUR PASSION and we really want to make the best community and work in gaming industry for life. (Please sign up to our newsletter HERE))!

The rules are really simple, right?

Right? Yes, they kind of are! But we promise you that you’ll be playing the game in 5mins (either watching our 5min video rules or reading the rules)

Just be aware that this game is like having 10 different extremely easy games in one and packed with never-before-seen mechanics, that you *do need to learn*. (or simply check our our video playing guide - to learn how to play in 5mins!).

But really don’t worry about it! The rules are extremely easy AND written on the bottom of *every card*. So you don’t even need to read the rules for them. 🙂

If you’re not into reading all that much, you can check out our video playing guide. Or, honestly, you can just play the game and figure most of it out while playing – just keep the quick guide near you, and you’ll be fine!

What’s up with the EU funding banner?

We got funding from the EU, Slovenian Centre for Creativity and our Ministry of Culture (who got that funding from the EU)! We’ve applied for (and received) a 15.000€ grant to fund the beginning stages of our operation. That means the development, design, playtests, marketing, and the beginning of production of the game. (CHECK OUT MORE DETAILS)

Are there crocodiles in your game?

Of course not, that would be very unsafe (for crocodiles and for our dear players)! Our designer can draw a pretty cute crocodile, though, so we decided to put one on our webpage, one in our hearts and one little sticker to each of your boxes so you’ll know that Coupling defeats even friends with as tough skin as crocodiles and brings out the best of them! 🙂

What's up with Titanic and SHIPS?

Don't let the atmosphere sink like Titanic, play Coupling, the Game and create friendSHIPS that break every ice and last forever.

Get it now? 🤣

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