Coupling, the Game EN

39,90  inc. VAT. / DDV vključen.

Meet your friends again with the best party host!

A Party Board Game for 2 – 6+ players: a unique fusion of Dixit, Cards Against the Humanity, Codenames, Pictionary, Charades & all from DEEP psychological to extremely funny ICEBREAKER questions you’ve never asked before! 🥳

Our promise: “After the game, you’ll feel closer than ever!” 💜

A FREE DRINKLING EXPANSION is added to the game, that’s surely meant to be played with juice only! 🍻


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Playing Coupling, the Game is like having the best host that always knows what questions to ask, what stories to tell, what games to play, when to drink and when to dance!

💪 10 engaging mini-games (from charades, mouth reading, and psychological pics to funny questions and incredible icebreakers)

🚀 Over 500 questions, challenges and conversation starters

🥳 UNLIMITED fun with never-before-seen and exciting game mechanics


Content: 135 Coupling Cards, 30 Drinkling Cards, 1 Playboard, 6 Dry-erase Markers, 6 Dry-erase Papers, 6 Player Puzzles, 1 Dice

➡️ALL ABOUT THE GAME ON OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE (Video, Why it’s different, How to play, …)